Yr 1 – Mrs Lushey

Welcome to Year 1 Class Page

A warm welcome to our Year 1 page! If your child is in Year 1 please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in.

Curriculum Newsletters 2014 – 2015

Year 1 Dance festival at the Warriner

Year 1 joined the other  Partnership schools at the Warriner school for the Dance Festival led by Sarah Hastings with the PE young leaders from the Warriner. The children learnt a dance linked to the story ‘Giraffe’s can’t Dance’. The children really enjoyed moving the the music and sharing the dance to each other.

Oxford Airport
As part of our Splendid Skies topic in Year 1 we were really lucky to be able to visit Oxford Airport. We had an amazing time looking at the planes and helicopters landing and taking off. Rose from the airport took the children air-side to look around a plane and talked to them about all the different aspects of her job. The children asked lots of questions and were super listeners to the answers. We then looked around the airport fire truck. What a great trip.

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