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A warm welcome to our Year 2 page! If your child is in Year 2 please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in.

Curriculum Newsletters 2014 – 2015

pdf Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter Term 3 and 4

Our topic this term in class 2 is land ahoy we are learning about pirates, boats, the British Isles, Captain Charlie I


Class 2 have been working on a topic called Land Ahoy. At the moment we are learning about floating and sinking with materials. The materials we tested were paper, wood, copper, metal, rubber and plastic.

Land Ahoy Class 2
We are learning all about boats. We know about Captain James Cook his boat was called the Endeavour. He died in 1779.


Year 2 are going to have a pirate day. As you might have guessed our topic is all about pirates. Now we are learning about Captain James Cook a famous explorer.

Our topic is about oh ah me  harteys! Would you like to know about captain Cook? Captain Cook was a sailor but in 1779 he died in a fight in Hawaii.


Class 2 have been working on our topic it is called Land A’hoy. We have been learning about explorers.

Explorers Logo

Our topic is land ahoy we will be learning about explorers, pirates and the British Isles! Now we are learning about floating and sinking, Captain Cook and the pirates. We are discovering lots about it! Its great fun learning about land ahoy. I have learnt some facts about captain cook. He was born in England and died in Hawaii on 14th February 1779.


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