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Curriculum Newsletters 2014 – 2015

pdf Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter Term 3 and 4


What we having been doing at Yenworthy LodgeYenworthyLodge


We are all really enjoying Yenworthy. Today we all spent the day in our activity groups one group spent the day climbing and rock pooling and the others went on an expedition across the moorlands we also went on a night hike across the moors last night in the dark.
Report by Gabriel

Tuesday & Wednesday

Cliff Adventure.bytheSea

One of the groups went on a ‘cliff adventure’ where we basically did rock climbing, coasteering and rock pooling on the beach. When we were doing rock pooling, we caught various species of crab, shrimp, anemones and other small marine creatures. There were different climbs up different rock formations. There was a basic one, a harder one, and one where we had to do a ‘chimney climb’ and that was where instead of just climbing normally we had to climb a few steps, then press ourselves against a rock so we didn’t fall, until we reached the top. With coasteering, it was a bit like follow the leader, but through small spaces between rocks, over and under rock formations, etc.
Report by Brandon.

Moorland adventure.

The other two groups did a fun moorland adventure, with streams, mountains and an endangered species of horse called an Exmoor pony. We ate food that we found on the journey. One tasted like polystyrene.P1100505


We also climbed the highest point in north Devon which was very difficult and steep but it was worth it.


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