After school Club Schedule


After school Club Schedule

3.10  The children are collected from class FS & Key Stage 1 by a walking ‘Plane’ to club

3.15 – 3.30  Snack Time – of fruit/biscuit/cake. Drinks and water are available throughout the session. Sometimes we will have circle time, for new children, ‘family meetings’, talk about topical events or just to tell jokes.

3.30 – 4.25  Free play, preferably outside and also in the activity room. We have different Daily activities available for the children to do if they wish to.

4.25  Jobs– washing hands and laying the table for tea.

4.30 – 5.00  Tea Time ( light tea of pasta, jacket potatoes or sandwiches) some children like to help prepare the tea. Children can pour their own drinks and help clear away with adult supervision. We all sit down together and table manners are encouraged.

5.00 – 5.45  Free play, preferably outside, but we do also have use of the hall, the ICT suit and sometimes different class rooms.

5.45 – 6.00  Tidy up Time and prepare for disembarking the High Flyers flight, we do this together and whilst waiting for parents or carers we will read a story, have a chat or watch some telly

6.00  Home time. Parents must always sign their child out please.

There will always be a creative table, somewhere to do their homework if they wish, a quiet comfy corner, various games and toys for role play.  Larger games will be available for out doors to get active and moving around. We will have themes and celebrate world events and diversity. If it’s too wet to go outside we will try and bring nature indoors to be creative.

Children will be involved in the planning of activity’s and meals, and will always make their own choices of play. The planned activities and meal plans are available on the High Flyers notice board.

Adult supervision is on hand at all times if needed. Activities will be available to all children and they can choose if they would like to do it.

We encourage children and parents to make comments and suggestions to make all our little High Flyers feel confident and happy as possible.

This is a flexible working schedule and is regularly reviewed by us and the children.