The untold story of Yenworthy

Welcome back to CRE8! In our first full issue you can read our fun review of Yenworthy and and if you read on you can view a world exclusive of Mr Moodie dancing.

We asked some Year 6  children what they liked about Yenworthy. Here is what they said. First they answered the question’ What was your favourite activity?’ Jacob, Will and Lucy all said rock climbing while Brandon said rock pooling and Alfie said coasteering. Coasteering is climbing over obstacles and crawling through tight spaces. Then we asked the question ‘What did you do in your spare time?’ We asked Adam, Jonathan, Zac and Josh who said table tennis and table football, Alicia who liked to talk and Toby who liked to spring clean 5:15am.


Will, Nathan and Maddie working together.


But while we were there we had a couple of spooky experiences! On the night walk we found out that Will was afraid of Werewolves and Charlie was afraid of a mine story that we were told. We found out on Thursday that Gabe was afraid of getting hit by Miss Sambrook on a zip wire. We found out that Poppy was afraid of doing Orienteering in the dark and Natalie was afraid of the Night walk. Mr Moodie was even afraid of his own dancing.

Rock climbing.

Josh and Charlie climbing new heights!


Miss Sambrook teaches Gabe a lesson!

The mine story

Once there was a very horrible man who had a daughter. One day he went out with his daughter but threw her down a mine. The man was eventually caught by the cops. Apparently when there is full moon you can still hear the girl screaming!

Rock pooling

The girls and their rock pools.

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