Street Detectives

“This term Year 2 have been Street Detectives and finding out lots about Adderbury. We have discovered that it has changed a lot in the last 100 years. The children have written about the walk we went on to discover more.”

Did you know most of the houses in Adderbury are made out of a special stone? It was easy to build a house then because it was always lying in the ground, waiting to be dug up. The stone is special because it is millions of years old! If you enjoyed this come and visit Adderbury. If you want to know more ask year 2?

We went on a walk and we saw houses and we went back to the school.

Class 2 went on a walk around Adderbury we took maps with so we wouldn’t get lost. We went past the Red Lion pub. If you want to know more ask class 2!

Yr 2 have been on a walk around Adderbury. The library used to be a girls school and by the way our school is 52 years old!

How much do you know about Adderbury?

Did you know that year 2 went on a walk  round  Adderbury  and we  found out that nearly all  the  pubs have changed in to houses. If you have enjoyed this come  and visit!

Yr 2 went on a walk  on Adderbury. There was a pub that is now a house down the road called  Tanners Lane. If you want to know more ask class 2.

Did you know Adderbury has load of old houses?

Year 2 went on a walk around Adderbury and we saw lots of old houses that have been built for over 100s years. Our school has been here for 52 yeas old. If you would like come and see Adderbury!

Year 2 went on a school trip on a walk Adderbury. At first we saw my house I found out my house is a modern house.