School Council Minutes 2015

10. School Council Minutes – Friday 9th January 2015

Present:, Gabriel, Toby, Tansy, Tristian, Holly, Billy, Joseph, Daisy, Freddie, Emily & Mrs Messer.

Councillors asked to shared back the following with their classes:

M.E Charity – Pyjama day will be on 6th February. Children asked to make a donation of 50p.

Red nose day is in March – ask classes for ideas for fun raisers.

The anti-bullying badges have been ordered and will be sold for £1 each when they arrive.

Ask classes about the house point system – what is working well? Would we like house captains?

11. School Council Minutes – Friday 16th January 2015

Present: Gabriel, Toby, Tansy, Tristan, Daisy, Freddie, Emily & Mrs Messer.
Apologies: Holly, Billy, Joseph

We need to change/ update the photo on the school council page on school website – photo to be taken next week when all present.

House point feedback from classes: The children found that when asking their classes, not many children felt the need for house captains. They felt that the captains might “overpower” the teams. Some classes felt that there were “discrepancies” over children putting on more house points that they had been given / rubbing other teams points off. The councillors came up with the idea of just the school councillors putting on house points for all teams.

Red Nose Day Ideas: Wear red, wacky hair/wig day, talent show – pay to enter, cake sale, soak a teacher (!) sponsored sports, pet day and face paint.

The Anti-Bullying badges have arrived – all councillors had a look and were very pleased with the design. All councillors asked to make a poster over the weekend to advertise the badges in school next week.

Councillors to help sell at lunchtimes next week, as follows:

Mon – Gabe, Toby, Emily & Freddie

Tues – Daisy, Joseph, Tansy & Tristian

Wed – Billy, Holly, Tansy & Toby

AOB – Could the bike shed be cleaned by year 6?

Is the school setting up a sports council again this year?