Splendid Skies



This terms topic is called ‘Splendid Skies’.

The children have created some super work for their homework. Have a look at these super pictures of the children’s work which now are displayed in the corridor in the Key stage 1.




RainbowNext to these pictures is some chalk drawings created by the children of the sky and clouds. They created the images outside, working in pairs. The pupils from year 4 came and talked to the Year 1 children about the art work they were creating.



Mrs Charman – Ambulance Service Vistor

Year 1 would like the thank Mrs Charman who came into school to talk the the children about her job with the ambulance service. She explained to the children what might happen if they needed to phone 999. She talked to them about staying safe and helping others.

Evan was very pleased to have his mum visit us and they did a quiz together with the children on all the things they had listened too.