The Eggxtra Eggecellent Easter Quiz!!!


What’s your favourite chocolate?ChocolateA

White chocolate

Milk chocolate

Dark chocolate

Pickle flavoured chocolate


What are you doing this Easter?download

Staying home and eating chocolate

Going on holiday abroad

Seeing family

Staying up all night to see the Easter bunny


What would you do if you saw the Easter bunny?outside-window-clipart-14643180-wooden-window-isolated-on-white

Yell out the window, “Get off my lawn!”

Try to grab all the chocolate

Scream and lock yourself in the bathroom


What would you do if someone chucks an Easter egg at you?chase

Throw it back

Eat the chocolate and say, “Thank you!”

Treat it as your destiny


How many Easter eggs do you think you’ll have on Easter?girl-eating-chocolate





What colour do you think the Easter bunny is?  rainbow_bunny_by_glorious_nephilus-d5y5aow



Rainbow coloured with a neon jacket


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