Yr 4 – Mrs Lushey

Year 4


Wizard in training Day

As part of our topic work year  4 had a immersion day and we all came to school dressed as wizards and witches or characters from the Harry Potter series.


We were all sorted in to the different houses using the sorting hat. Ollie

During our Wizarding day  we had great time. The wiggly worm challenge was great fun. It was my favourite thing. We had to get a jelly worm and put it on our forehead and then try to move it down to our mouths without touching it. Once you had finished you got to eat the sweet.        Isla

In the  afternoon we held a Hogwarts feast and we then watched the Movie of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Sam


All the children brought in food that linked to the Harry Potter theme.

WOW – What an amazing cake! – We all  enjoyed eating the chocolate cake.

A big thank you to all the parents for all their help and support.


I liked our Harry Potter day because we did lots of stuff we had not done before. Emily

On our Harry Potter day in Year 4 we had so much fun. We played Quddich, it was awesome. We played lots of games and made book marks and card wallets to take our chocolate frogs home in.  Finley

Term 5

The children are using chalk to draw the Hogwarts Castle at night. They are using pink, blue, white, orange and yellow chalks to create the night time image.

The children are using different drawing techniques to create the overall image.

Please see below for an outline of our learning through this term in school. if there is any more information you need to help support your child, please see me in school.

Year 4 Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 2017 letter
Year 4 Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 2017 map

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Year 4 had a super visit to the Ashmolean Museum. They looked at the different portraits around the museum. Our guide explained how and when they were painted.

The children enjoyed looking at the different images.

Year 3 and 4 Production 

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

A huge thank you and well done for all of the hard work last term, which resulted in an outstanding school production. I know that everyone who was lucky enough to see one of the performances was mightily impressed, and it was also clear that the children thoroughly enjoyed making their varied contributions to the show.

The success of the production was not only down to the hard work happening in school though, so thanks again to all the parents who helped with costumes, learning lines and other behind the scenes jobs. The children were amazing.

Fire Safety Talk

In school this week we welcomed the Fire Safety Officer. She shared with the children information on staying save within their homes. She talked about how to check and test the fire alarms and how to create a fire evacuation plan. The children watched an information video about how to evacuate a building safely.

Practical Maths Measuring

Year 4 had a great time outside using different measuring equipment as part of their PE session. They had to measure different jumps and stretches.

World Book Day March 2017

Year 4 pupils really enjoying dressing up as their favorite book characters.

We all had a super time talking about different books and authors.

Harry Potter was casting spells all day.

Class 4 Time Capsule

As part of our History work this term, some members of Adderbury History Association visited. They came to share their knowledge and experiences of being at Christopher Rawlins School. They spent time in the classes talking to the children about how the village had changed and grown. They also explained about the different school sites and the different approaches to schooling.

The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed  spending time together and learning from each other. Linked to this visit from the Adderbury History Association, Year 4 are currently creating a time capsule to be buried in the new foundations of the classroom currently being built.

Art Work 

Paul Klee ‘Goldfish’ in oil pastels

First we used pastels to fill the page with coloured shapes. Then we coloured the whole page black. Finally, we used an unravelled paper clip to scratch out a picture. Oliver 

To make our Paul Klee goldfish art, we had to colour in a piece of paper using different colours, then cover it in black. We then used a paperclip to scratch a fish shape our of the black so that the colours underneath showed through. Charlie I

Paul Klee ‘Sencio’ in oil pastels 

We made our Sencio faces by using oil pastels in different colours but we weren’t allowed to use blue and green.  To make the effect, we smudged the different colours. We were only allowed to use orange, yellow, purple, red, pink, brown and black. Bethany 

We coloured  a Paul Klee picture in different colours but were not allowed to use blue and green.  We used oil pastels and smudged the colours a little bit.  We had to be careful so we did not go out of the lines. Lexi 

Acrostic Poetry

The children used the word PLAYLIST to create an acrostic poem. They used the initial letter to begin their sentences. The theme of the poems linked to the topic work this term about Art, Artist and sound.

 We made acrostic poems with the word playlist. We had to think of a sentence about music or art beginning with the letters of the word playlist. George

Artist Posters

As part of our topic work this term the children have created posters in their computing / ICT lessons. They have been using publisher, creating text boxes, inserting images and searching the Internet for information.


We thought of an artist and then we used the laptops to find facts and pictures about them.  We made posters with the information we found. Evie R

My poster is about Paul Klee who is a very famous artist. He was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1879. Paul Klee loved colour and his art is known as abstract art. Aiden

Play List

The Children in year 4 have been compiling Fact Files linked to their new topic ‘Play List’. The have found out about different Artists and their Artwork.

Fact Files: by Tilly and Anna

We have been looking in the non-fiction information books. We decided on an Artist or style of painting we liked and then found the page that we needed. We got lots of ideas from the books and we then put it in to our fact files. We then copied and coloured in a picture. We made it look fantastic.

Year 4 Fact File Pictures

Please see below for our overview of learning for Term 3.

Year 4 Curriculum Newsletter January 2017

Raiders and Traders

In year 4 the children have all made a viking shield. They had great fun designing and then making them.

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Please find below details of our learning in Term 2, across the curriculum.


Misty Mountain Artwork

In the box below, please scroll through to see some of the children’s wonderful art work, linked to our topic work on Misty Mountains.


Survival Day

Year 4 have started the year by welcoming in the Army for a survival day this week this as part of their engage work into their new topic.


The pupils looked at different equipment that can be used in different habitats and environments.


The pupils learnt about the different types of food they would need to survive. They enjoyed looking at and tasting the contents of a 24-hour ration pack.


All this investigative work is linked to this terms topic, ‘Misty Mountains’ and the Big Question linked to the topic, “Why do people climb mountains?”


Please find below:

  • Current Curriculum Newsletter
  • Reading, Writing and Maths Target Booklet for your child and
  • Spelling Guidance Document

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