Yr 6 – Mrs Avilez

Summer Term 2017


Please remember to gather together all the materials and items you will need for your Summer fete games. We will be working on these on the first Tuesday back. So if Mums or dad’s are helping build a structure or cut out any boards this half term is the time to ask for their assistance.

Twelfth Night



A childs War topic overview colour

EASTER Display at St Mary’s Church Adderbury.

The Big Picture.

On each of the diamonds we used mark making and imagery to represent different events and parables from Jesus’ life: seeds, sheep, stars, stones, palms, candles, pathways, fishing nets, fish, thorns and many other symbols.





Yenworthy 2016

Day 4

Thursday, Birthday, Surfday


Today was exhilarating: beautiful weather, sunshine on the beach, good waves, good children, good fun.

Hannah woke up to balloons, cards and good wishes.

After a journey in the minibus, we started our surfing with a nice warm sausage roll and a fabulous view across Putsborough Beach.

dscf4802 dscf4556

The children all loved surfing and we all did our best to stand up, many achieving the goal.


Izzy set the standard and many followed showing great balance and poise. We all looked like seals bobbing in the surf.


The pictures tell the story.

On our return it was hot showers and fish and chips for dinner followed by ice cream.

The evening was lovely. We all sang Happy Birthday to Hannah and shared cake and hot chocolate around the fire, singing songs. Bags are packed and ready for the bus ride home tomorrow. We will walk down the Lyn Valley from the source to sea at Lynmouth. The children are looking forward to seeing in real life the effects of the Lynmouth flood of August 1952 in preparation for our newspaper work when we return after Half Term.

So our week is nearly over. We have had so much fun and learnt so much about ourselves and each other.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Day 3

So here we are at the middle of our week.


Cliff adventure Day

We are having the best time ever. The children have been fabulous, encouraging each other to push themselves in each activity. Today they were challenged to face some fears as we scrambled across beach boulders and climbed cliffs. We worked in two groups for Coasteering and Rockclimbing in the morning and then after a well-deserved lunch with a sea view, we joined together as one group to investigate the wildlife in the rock pools.

Dinner was followed by a treasure hunt and collecting orders from the shop.

All the children are in bed and fast asleep recharging their batteries for our next exhilarating adventure tomorrow on the beach, surfing.

Surfs UP!

dscf4659 dscf4621 dscf4437

Day 2


So today…

So yesterday’s idioms didn’t come to fruition as the children didn’t rouse before 7:00am this morning. Yeahh!


We split into our two activity groups and headed off in opposite directions across the moors to experience a survival expedition. We all took part in various activities such as, lighting  fires, roasting marshmallows, foraging for safe snacks and learning about wildlife and nature. One group were particularly excited as they found a recently rutted antler from a deer.

dscf4504 dscf4491 dscf4463

All the staff here including ourselves have been so impressed with the camaraderie (there’s that word again) from the children. They have shown such caring sides to their nature and some people are really standing out as leaders. It is a pleasure to be able to spend a whole week with your children and to get to know them better.

dscf4327 dscf4332

Dinner was delicious as always; pasta bolognaise and rice pudding for afters then back into all our outdoor clobber ready for night time orienteering. The children worked in groups of three and hunted the grounds of Yenworthy lodge for symbols and dots in order to see who’s team could demonstrate effective communication navigation and teamwork.  


After a quick sing song to practice for ‘Singing for Children’ and a night time prayer we all collapsed into our beds ready for Wednesdays activities.

Day 1

Dear Parents

p1060340 p1060348

We arrived at Yenworthy around 12:30pm after an uneventful (thankfully) calm journey. After unloading the coach, collecting our kit from the kit room, learning the rules of the boot room and eating our lunch we set off to start our first activity of tackling the ropes course. Each team did really well in showing their enthusiasm for a bit of healthy competition as well as looking after each other and encouraging a good sense of camaraderie. ( I knew that spelling word would come in handy!)

p1060348 p1060349

Eager to refuel, everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner of sweet and sour chicken with rice, rounded off with meringue nests and the delicious Exmoor water. The children quickly got the hang of being their own servers and cleaner-uppers and Miss Sambrook, Mrs Hall and I were waited upon by Theo and Darcey like 5 star guests.

After dinner and final arrangements of bedding..(yes…it took 4 children and two adults but we did manage to get Finlay’s duvet into his cover) we got kitted out again to face the windy sunset of Exmoor on a night hike.

Luminous children (there is some serious ‘Torch Tech’ this year) happily rambled along the coastal path, taking in the sites of Swansea across the bay, Roman settlements in the distant headlands and Ancient stones closer to the Yenworthy centre. We saw a magnificent moon rise through the clouds with gasps and wide eyes as the clouds lit up like a lunar dawn.

p1060355 p1060353

After a dramatic re-enactment of symbolic ancient sacrificial firing of arrows we continued with the long established ‘Yenworthy Veil of Silence.’ This is where all the children lay down on the moor in a silent circle for what seemed like an exquisite eternity and stared up at the stars, taken in by the awesomeness that is a light pollution free sky and the sound of the wind in the grass. They all agreed it was a fabulous experience.

So hot chocolate and to bed. And although I shouldn’t speak to soon I haven’t heard a peep out of any of them since 9:30pm.  Is this all too good to be true? The words ‘early to bed, early to rise’ are beginning to sound rather ominous.

To be continued……