Worship in Action

Worship is part of the daily life of the school.  It takes a number of forms; from whole school assemblies, to Key Stage ‘sharing times’, to moments of reflection in the classroom.   Assemblies are led by the Vicar, by staff and the children.  These assemblies are all in keeping with the Christian ethos of the school, underpinned by our core values of ‘Compassion, Peace and Service’.

At least once a term, the whole school worships in the local parish church.  In this way we seek to maintain the close relationship the school has with the church.
Please see below for some images of Worship in Action at
Christopher Rawlins Church of England Primary School
Easter Paper Plate Art Work
The children created some Easter thoughts and reflections.
The creations were very colourful.
Fairtrade Big Breakfast
The pupils and their family’s enjoyed sharing breakfast in the school hall. The shared meal which was organised by the PTFA, it was to raise awareness of the different Fairtrade products and to also fund raise for the PTFA..

School Visitors

The Worship team welcomed in Ruth Champion and John Herman from the local charity LARK.


LARK was set up specifically to support the Rescue Centre for street children in Eldoret, through prayer, contact and finance.  They currently send funds every 2 months to the Centre as a contribution towards maintenance costs (food, staffing and so on) together with funding for secondary school and vocational training fees, and for special projects. LARK is a UK registered charity, but is based in the small village of King’s Sutton, near Banbury.  For further information about LARK please go to the relevant section on the website. http://lark.btck.co.uk

 The Worship team asked lots of question during the visit, they focused on what our school could do to help support the fund raising.
Fairtrade Trade Assembly
February 2017
Representatives from the Schools Worship Team in Year 4 and Year 5 led the Fairtrade assembly. They shared information with the school all about Fairtrade goods and to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.
Fairtrade Fortnight, a time when everyone across the country shouts about Fairtrade and getting a fair deal for farmers and workers.
The children are working towards our school achieving a Fairtrade school award.
KS2 and Community Communion Service – February 2017
The Worship team lead the Communion Service in school, they joined with Reverend
Fletcher to lead the prayers and share the messages in the readings.
The Worship team also open and close the assembly.
St Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival December 2017
Our Worship Team members have also been very busy creating decorations for our Christmas tree at St. Mary’s Church. The Year 6 team members decorated the tree, along with the Little Angels tree; all the trees together looked just wonderful. The pupils from Year 6 and 4 joined the recorder group to sing and play in the church at the festival.
 p1080455 p1080464
Advent Services 
Our Advent Services at St. Mary’s Church were led superbly well by the school Worship Team and Reverend Fletcher. The children learnt all about Advent, preparation and celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and posed very good responses to questions posed during the morning services.
Rainbow Stories 
Members of the church community joined the children in year 4 to share the story of Moses. They shared how the compassion shown to him by the Pharaoh’s daughter enabled him to live.
 ‘Harvest Celebration’

Friday 30th September 2016

St. Mary’s Church, Adderbury

The children and their family’s celebrated Harvest with a lovely church service. The gifts of produce made a wonderful display.


Narnia Day – with Joy from Barnabus in Schools – February 2016

DSCF8240DSCF8245 DSCF8250 DSCF8238DSCF8243

KS2 and Community Communion Service – February 2016

DSCF8056 DSCF8052

Linking with members of the Children’s Society to make Christingles. – December 2015

christingle 2 2015

Performing at our School and Community Christmas Concert December 2015




Sharing our School Values Competition winners – December 2015DSCF7879

Linking with the Community for Remembrance Day November 2015


Caring for others – our Harvest Display October 2015



 Learning together about Baptism with Reverend Fletcher – April 2015

 DSCN4458          DSCN4460

Worshipping outdoors: Exploring the idea of talking to God and listening – July 2015

worshipping outdoors

Holding our first in school Communion Service with members of the community – March 2015




Year 2 exploring local places of worship (St Mary’s Church and Adderbury Methodist Church visit) – March 2015


visiting local places of worship