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Please see below for our Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

Foundation Stage Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 2017-2018

Will you tell me a story?

As part of our RE and PSED curriculum this term we have Celebrated Chinese New Year. We tasted Spring Rolls, Prawn Crackers, Dumplings, Lychees and Chicken and Sweetcorn soup. It was great to investigate and learn about other cultures.


As part of these celebrations we also did some dragon dancing. We made our own dragon and then danced with him.

In Maths this term we used ICT to help us.

The children enjoyed using an interactive white board maths programme. They had to help teddy to get the correct amount of cakes.


We used the Bee Bots and programmed them to reach different numbers along a number line. We all took turns to put the instructions into the Bee Bot and set them off.


We also built different constructions and then added labels to them.


We looked at Non-fiction books about Castles and then used bricks and blocks to build our own castles.

This term we have looked at the Traditional story of Cinderella. We have read books, enjoyed role play and a fantastic Ball.


In science this term we investigated the different materials that Cinderella could choose for her mop. The children had a great time testing the different mops.


We all enjoyed painting the different characters from the story of ‘Cinderella’.




We used puppets to help us retell the stories.


Why do leaves go crispy?

Pumpkin Soup

In class we shared the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’. The story told of 3 friends who needed to work together to create an amazing soup.

The children all enjoyed preparing the vegetables for our soup. Getting the seeds out of the pumpkin was very messy.

Autumn Walk

We all had a wonderful walk around school looking for all the different signs of Autumn. The children used pictorial key to find the different leaves and seeds.

Why do you love me so much?

Handa’s Surprise

In class we have been looking at and discussing the story of Handa’s Surprise. We have acted out the story and made fruit salad.

The children enjoyed tasting all the different fruits. They discussed their likes and dislikes. We all worked together to chop and prepare the fruit for our fruit salad.

The Little Red Hen

Across the week the children have enjoyed learning about the tale, The Little Red Hen.

The children have tasted bread then looked at the ingredients and talked about how to make bread. The children wrote their own recounts of the tale.


We then made our own bread rolls. The children enjoyed making these bread rolls and eating them.

The 3 Bears

This week in the Foundation Stage Unit we have been looking at the Traditional tale, The 3 Bears. We have been retelling the story through role play, sequencing pictures of the story and eating porridge.


The children were able to act out and share their knowledge of the tale. We have enjoyed being bears and eating the porridge.