Special Educational Needs

In accordance with our philosophy of education, we strive to take children from where they are and develop each one to his or her full potential.  Children’s work is matched to their ability.  This is the case both for children who fall within the definition of the 1981 Education Act (which states that “A child has special educational needs if he has a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made for him”) and for children who we would classify as ’more able’.   Teachers plan, teach and assess in a continuous cycle taking into account the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests that all our children bring to school.

Where children do show signs of having particular learning or behavioural difficulties provision is made for them in accordance with Code of Practice for children with Special Educational Needs.    Where the need is great the county issues a statement and we work closely with outside agencies to ensure the needs of the child are met.  We also provide resources for these children, both human and material.

Whatever the degree of need, or length of time the need lasts, it is the responsibility of the Special Needs Co-ordinator to decide, with the class teacher, upon an appropriate learning programme.   Our Special Needs Support Assistant works with the co-ordinator and with staff to ensure that the structured learning programme is followed through and give support to children in the class in a variety of ways.

Regular meetings with parents seek to involve parents in this process of planning and review.  Such meetings take place at least once a term.

SEN Documents

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