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Foundation Stage Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 2017-2018


One week on…..our pumpkin looks like this…

(Understanding the World, 30-50 months:  “Developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time”…!)



 Tuesday 31st October – Halloween fun!




This week (W/B 16th October) we had our first visit to the Little Angels service in Church.  The children walked beautifully, helping to keep themselves safe by looking, listening and thinking carefully as we crossed roads.  In Church they sat sensibly and listened well as Reverend Fletcher talked a little about St Luke and they joined in happily with all the singing.  They really earned their drinks and biscuits at the end!

Also this week, following the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some of the children have been using the bricks to make a new chair for Baby Bear (as his was broken by Goldilocks!)  The children used the Baby Bear puppet to test their chairs and adapted them until they were strong enough and comfortable enough….


Here in FS2 we have had a really positive start to the new school year!

The children who were with us as FS3s last year have grown up so much over the summer and came back in September ready to be fabulous role-models for our new children!

The children who joined us at the beginning of this term have settled beautifully!  They have quickly adapted to our routines and are keen to join in with activities and learn lots of new things.

Our topic for this term is called “Why Do You Love Me So Much?”  Through this topic we are exploring the things that makes us individuals and we are getting to know the other children in our class.  We are talking about our families, our pets and our wider community.

We have each used a paper plate to make a collage picture of our own face.  We looked in the mirror to remind ourselves of our facial features and we tried to find wool which was a close(ish!) match for our hair colour.


















This week (week beginning 2nd October) we are talking about our families – particularly the people and pets who share our homes.  Some of us have already done some lovely drawings…