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Fundraising Plans and Spent

Fundraising Plans

Any project undertaken with consultation and agreement with the school, governors, parents, children and any other necessary parties

There are a wide variety of fundraising events, some more profitable than others, but raising money is not always the only objective. Improving partnerships between parents and teachers and between home and school plays a vital part in events too

Short and long term projects are identified in the plan


How Funds are Spent

Average annual funds raised = £5000

Teacher allocation- funds given to each Teacher to spend on extra resources (currently £150 x 8 classes)

Annual Projects funds allocated for projects for extra curricular activities that enhance the children’s educational experiences during the year. Requests are assessed on submission to the committee

“Rocket Fund” restricted funds, the funds are set aside for a big campaign

Running Costs which cover the costs of operating the PTFA, such as PTA UK membership, insurances, expenses for key events that are paid upfront