About High Flyers


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard our High Flyers After School Club at

Christopher Rawlins School

We provide excellent quality, OFSTED approved out of school care for the community, with the children being at the heart of everything we do.

This is an exciting place to come after school where the children will find lots of activities, games and crafts that they can take part in. In our themed terms we do things like painting, cooking, dancing and making things. In fact the children tell us what things they like doing and we respond to their requests. That is how a children’s play setting should be.

The advantage of having the setting at Christopher Rawlins is that most of children that attend the school are already in a familiar environment. Safety, security and trust are the fundamentals of happiness which is why we go to great lengths to make sure your child feels safe and secure. Both Lorraine and I are qualified play workers and Lorraine has over 15 years experience as a teaching Assistant. All staff are CRB checked with relevant qualifications, experience and First Aid training.

We take the wellbeing of the children very seriously and ask that when you do collect your child that you do not use your mobile phone, and we make sure every visitor has a valid reason for being there and have signed in to our visitor’s book.

We create a home from home and comforting place to be where the children can have space to relax, chill or just chat to their friends. We help the children to form positive relationships with us and the other children.

Children love to be recognized for the things they do and we have many ways to make sure achievements are rewarded.  From taking the time to praise, to displaying children’s work on the walls, windows and ceilings and we also have a ‘High Flyer’ of the week which is celebrated in the sharing assembly. All children have their own memory book that they can add to and share with you.

Most importantly, the children enjoy coming. We want them to come to have a play date with their friends, and to enjoy things that they may not necessarily get to do at home.

We recently had our Ofsted inspection and they said ‘ The children enjoy coming to this welcoming and friendly setting’

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Alison Brereton