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The Governing Body is made up of independent people who represent parents, teachers, the church and the community. All Governors are appointed for a fixed term of four years and work on a voluntary basis.

By continually striving to raise standards and achievement at Christopher Rawlins the Governors aim to provide a happy, secure and successful foundation for your child’s journey through school life.

The Governing Body carries out its work throughout the school year, meeting to assess progress and ensure the school is on track to meet its targets. Governors visit the school on a regular basis to look at specific areas of the school’s work and monitor progress in delivering the School Development Plan.


Chair of Governors                                                  Ian Bailey

Vice-Chair of Governors                                         Sarah Duffy

Foundation Governors:                                           Sarah Duffy

                                                                                  John Harrop

                                                                                  Patrick Plunkett

                                                                                  Ray Robinson

                                                                                  Rev Liz Simpson



Co-opted Governor                                                 Lianne Dye

Community Governor                                            Bernard Harris

Parent Governors                                                    Danny Roberts

                                                                                  Ian Bailey

Staff Governor                                                         Jess Arthur


Headteacher                                                           Lauren Murrey         


Clerk to Governing Body                                        Keith Bossom

Governors information 2022-2023

Governors information 2021-2022

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