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At Christopher Rawlins we want our children to be physically literate.  Our children will experience an inclusive, broad and high-quality PE curriculum.  They will be aware of how PE, school sport and physical activity contributes to good mental and emotional health.  Our children will aim to take their understanding of the importance of being active and healthy into adulthood. We want our children to have the confidence, competence and understanding to apply their skills across a breadth of different activities, sports and other life skills.

Characteristics of a Physically Educated Learner:

  • An excellent understanding of the importance of physical health and the link to mental wellbeing.

  • Competent in the fundamentals of movement: agility balance and coordination.

  • Excellent level of fitness and stamina.

  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and the skills of working in a team.

  • The ability to reflect on their own and other’s performance and make improvements.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills of a variety of different physical activities.

  • A confident leader who is motivating and encouraging.

  • Has a positive relationship with movement and physical activity throughout life.

PE long term plan

PE Early Years and Key Stage 1 progression of skills

PE Key Stage 2 progression of skills 

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