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At Christopher Rawlins, we seek to inspire curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Children will explore topics on a local, national, and global scale, enabling them to recognise the diversity of human and physical geography around the world. They will develop the skills required to become confident geographers and be able to explain how aspects of geography are interconnected and change over time. Opportunities to apply their understanding of the world to real events and issues are central to developing the children as responsible and loving global citizens. We want the children to be fascinated about the world and the people in it. Their curiosity should last for the whole of their lives.

Characteristics of a Geographer

  • An excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like.

  • The ability to use maps, atlases, globes, and digital mapping to locate significant places and features.

  • An excellent understanding of the ways in which places are interdependent and interconnected and how much human and physical environments are interrelated.

  • Uses first-hand experiences, including fieldwork, to enable them to contextualise their learning and gather and analyse information.

  • Able to ask questions to deepen their geographical understanding.

  • An extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary.

  • Fluency in complex, geographical enquiry and the ability to apply questioning skills and use effective analytical and presentational techniques.

Geography Long term Plan

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