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At Christopher Rawlins we want our children to use the power of technology, while empowering them as curious individuals to use it with wisdom and confidence. With ongoing investment in devices across the school for teaching and learning, the use of technology, computational thinking and digital literacy is woven into the curriculum.

We give our pupils opportunities to gain knowledge and practical skills that can be applied and adapted to tasks. With skills taught to solve problems, they will be equipped for an ever-changing digital world. Building on these life skills and in conjunction with the PHSCE curriculum; we will enable them to embrace and utilise new technology in a socially responsible and safe way to flourish in the wider world now, and in the ever expanding but undetermined future of technology.

Characteristics of a pupil confident with Computing:

  • Can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation

  • Can analyse problems in computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems

  • Can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems

  • Can show responsible, competent, confident and creative use of information and communication technology.

Computing long term plan and progression of skills

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