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At Christopher Rawlins we want all children to experience a rich music curriculum which inspires creativity, self-expression and encourages our children on their musical journeys. Children should participate in a range of musical experiences, building up their confidence at the same time whilst also connecting with others. They should develop their understanding of rhythm and pitch and learn how music is structured, as well as learning technical vocabulary for these elements. As children’s confidence builds, they should enjoy the performance aspect of music. Children should have a diverse experience listening to music from different cultures and eras. We hope to foster a lifelong love of music in all children at Christopher Rawlins Primary School.

At Christopher Rawlins we teach using Charanga. 

Characteristics of a Musician:

  • Appreciates different styles of music from a range of eras and cultures

  • Enjoys the opportunity to play a musical instrument

  • Has an understanding of musical notation and terminology

  • Enjoys opportunities to perform

  • Has the foundation to develop a lifelong love of music

  • A good musician has a positive attitude and is willing to work hard

Music long term plan

Progression of knowledge, skills and elements

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