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For children to have 'good' attendance then children's attendance figure should be no less than 96%. Of course it is natural that children may fall ill and not be able to come into school and this is to be expected from time to time.

Close monitoring of each child's attendance will be carried out and if necessary may need to be addressed if it falls below 90% to work together on the best ways to improve it.  


To report your child's absence from school due to sickness, please contact the school with a reason for your child's absence.

Either call the school on 01295 810497 and leave a message, or send an email to the school office,


Any request for absence from school, will need to be requested by sending a letter to the Headteacher and only in exceptional circumstances will permission be authorised.

Please, where possible, also try and make any appointments out of school hours.


Please see the Attendance Policy for more details on authorised and unauthorised absences.

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