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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

We are committed to providing an environment where everyone is important and valued and can achieve their best. We know that all of the children in our school have unique talents, but that, at some point, many children may find aspects of school – be they academic, social, emotional or behavioural – challenging. All staff share a commitment to supporting any child with an additional or special need, be this a short-term problem related to a very small part of the curriculum or school life, or more complex needs.

We strive to provide the support each pupil needs in order for them to become a motivated and successful learners. This support could be different for each child, but some of our strategies include:

  • Quality first teaching in the classroom, with activities adapted to meet the needs of each child. Work planned for each child is based on detailed and careful ongoing assessment by well-trained teachers and teaching assistants, and is designed to engage and motivate all pupils

  • Clear feedback to pupils through high quality feedback about their learning

  • Good relationships with parents and carers, built on regular contact and a number of more formal meetings – including, for example; parent consultations and pupil profile review meetings each year

  • Individual targets for addressing each child’s specific next steps in learning

  • A range of proven intervention programmes, delivered by teachers and teaching assistants, including 1 to 1 or small group during the school day

  • Working closely with other agencies, including speech and language therapists, educational psychologists and CAMHS, to develop the support we are able to provide and to assist with target-setting and intervention work

  • A clear and regularly reviewed behaviour and anti-bullying policy aimed at ensuring our school is welcoming and inclusive to all pupils, regardless of any difficulties they may face.

The documents in this section of the website provide more detail about our approach to supporting pupils with special educational needs. If you would like to find out more, please contact Mrs Sylvine Druce (SENCo) via the email or Mrs Lauren Murrey, Headteacher.


You can also find out more about some of the support which Oxfordshire offers by clicking on the image below. 

Further SEN guidance:

SEND Code of Practice

Local guidance and SEN policies

The following policies can be found on our policies page:

  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy

  • SEN Information report 

  • Accessibility Policy and Plan

  • Supporting Children with Medical Needs including Administration of Medication Policy

  • Behaviour Policy

  • Anti-Bullying Policy

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