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As a school we follow the Oxfordshire Diocesan Board of Education's scheme of work for RE. 

The purpose of this RE Scheme of Work is to give pupils from EYFS through to Year 6 a coherent picture of Christian worldviews and a range of other worldviews as appropriate to each Locally Agreed Syllabus. It teaches pupils through a range of concepts driven by three core strands: Beliefs and questions, Community and identity and Reality and truth.


These strands create connections between substantive and the disciplinary knowledge, and the units include opportunities for the development of personal knowledge. The aim is to develop curiosity in pupils and equip them for future learning about, as well as enabling them to make sense of, the complex world of religious and non-religious worldviews.


Beliefs and questions will focus on theology, looking at the core beliefs and diverse interpretations of text, symbols and teachings of the chosen religions and worldviews. Community and identity will focus on Human and Social Science and using data and other sources to examine practices and human expressions of religious and non-religious beliefs.


Reality and truth will focus on philosophy and ethics, looking at how people decide what is true and reliable drawing on the worldviews covered in the other units. It is in these units that pupils will have the opportunity to explore the wider concept of what a worldview is and how people reach these ideas. 

RE long term plan

RE knowledge and building blocks  

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