PTFA Who’s Who

Every parent is a member of the Christopher Rawins PTFA.


The Committee

The Committee is made up of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Members. We vote on what activities to run and what fundraising money should be spent on. We have sub-committees to organise events.


Contact list 2016

Name Role
Sarah Demirtges Chair
Emma Glover Vice Chair
Charlyne Godfrey Treasurer
Amanda Bailey Secretary
Becky Cheesman Committee member
Sarah Duffy Committee member
Lianne Dye Committee member
Phil Goldsworthy Committee member – Headmaster
Ellie Hawtin Committee member
Jayne Holmes Committee member
Nikki Kirk Committee member
Sarah Loveridge Committee member
Sandra Lushey Committee member – Teacher representative
Tracey Pangbourn Committee member
Stuart Phipps Committee member – Governor representative
Mia Pittaway Committee member
Caz Stokes Committee member
Suzie Taylor Committee member

Class Reps

Class Reps share information about what is going on and pass back ideas and comments from you about how events are run, what money should be spent on and feedback on the work that the PTFA is doing.  Class Reps will also help organise class activities and help to source and co-ordinate volunteers for events.


If you would like to join the Team or help out, please get in touch.