Dinosaur Planet

New Topic – Dinosaur Planet
On Wednesday 10th September Year 1 went to the Natural History Museum in Oxford. We went to investigate and to learn about Dinosaurs. We found lots of amazing fossils and skeletons. It was a fantastic way to engage with our new topic as we started our time in Year 1.
We have create a display in the Year 1 corridor with super writing and art work from our visit to the museum. There are more photo’s form are trip please come​ and look.

As part of our science lesson this week on ‘Animals and Plants’ we went on a ‘Habitat Hunt’ around the grounds. We look in, on, under and up. We found lots of bugs and insects. The children use magnifying glasses to study the different things they found. It was a great hands on learning experience and the children enjoyed the search.

The children in Key Stage 1 visited St Mary’s Church and the Methodist Chapel last week to have a look at two of the special places of worship in Adderbury. The children in Year 1 looked at the two buildings and the different Christian artifacts inside and then looked for items that were the same or different. The children enjoyed investigating the two different buildings. They thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘Hunt the object’ and then discussing the objects purpose for Christians.