Sandwich Making & Kite Making

Sandwich Making
As part of our literacy work this term we have been writing instructions. We made sandwiches and then wrote out a set of instructions to show what we did. The children thoroughly enjoyed this hands on activity and eating the​ sandwiches at the end.
Kite Making Workshop
In school Year 1 joined up with Year 4 for cross key stage cohesive work. We made individual kites. The children worked together reading the instructions, assisting each other and supporting each other as they built the kites. Many of the children were developing new skills and had to be very resilient and creative to have a kite to fly at the end of the workshop. Mr Moddie and Mrs Lushey were very proud of the super work by both classes as they worked together. All have a super time outside flying the kites around the play ground. We thank the parents for their support with this wonderful hands on learning activity.