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Friday 14th July

What a busy few weeks we have had in Year 2!

We have enjoyed our beach day and Sports week as well as creating our clay creatures and finally moving class to our lovely bright, new classroom!

Beach Day!

We imagined that we travelled to Swanage and had a lovely time paddling, rock pooling and relaxing in the sun. We finished our sunny afternoon with delicious ice creams!

We made pinch pots out of clay and used scoring and slip to join parts onto our imaginary sea creatures. We left the clay to dry and then carefully painted our wonderful creatures.

Our lovely new classroom! We love the orange!

Friday 19th May

Year 2 have been busy starting our topic ‘Beachcombers.’

We have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch stories and have written our own adventures.

Mr Grinling is the lighthouse keeper and he likes to look through his telescope. We imagined the view that Mr Grinling would see through his telescope. Here are our views.



We have also been thinking about materials that get washed up on shore and have been deciding how they could be reused or recycled.


Please see below for an outline of our learning through this term in school. if there is any more information you need to help support your child, please see me in school.

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 2017

Friday 7th April

We worked together to create a big collage on the theme of the crucifixion. We had a lovely end to term thinking about Easter and completing fun Easter activities.


Friday 31st March

We have had a busy and fun week this week. On Tuesday we went to a multi skills event and we enjoyed trying out lots of different activities.

















Mrs Andrews gave us a challenge to see who could build the strongest castle. We thought about which materials would be the strongest and we remembered what we had learnt about how castles are built from our castle topic.

We had great fun building our castles, and just as much fun trying to knock them down!









Friday 17th March

We have been busy developing our writing over the past fortnight. First of all we wrote about our day trip to Kenilworth Castle.


Then we completed our stories about our fantasy castles. Here are a couple of extracts:

Ed: “the big violet door opened up then a magenta sparkling glittery diamond queen came in. “Amazing” said Marty “come in up to the top level of the palace. Harry said “the palace is hideous, an evil dark king has haunted the palace. Only you can destroy the curse”.

Olivia: “Four hours later they found an enormous castle with a big flag at the top which said welcome to the castle of the night stars. It looked magnificent but it was protected by star guards with moon swords.”


Finally we received a letter from King Cole asking for our advice about how to build a new strong castle to protect his treasure.

King Cole Castle letter

We wrote back to King Cole advising him on how to design his castle with strong defences.

We are exhausted after all that writing!

Friday 3rd March

We have had a very busy fortnight since half term. In our class worship we have been holding special pebbles to help us to concentrate on our thoughts and feelings. We described our pebbles and drew them carefully. We have had some lovely quiet reflection time holding our pebbles.

We have begun our Castle topic. We have designed and created our own fantasy castles. We are writing our own stories about our fantasy castles.

Yesterday we had World Book Day!

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters and thinking about books that we like to read. Can you spot who we are?

Kenilworth Castle Trip

Today we went to Kenilworth Castle. Despite it being a very rainy day, we had a fun time learning about what life at the castle would have been like.

We took shelter from the rain in the entrance to the castle and imagined what it must have been like when it had a drawbridge and when the meer was flooded.

We looked at the building that used to be the stables.

  Inside the keep

    Fireplaces in the great hall

Looking at the tapestry that used to hang in the great hall.

 Exploring the gardens.

We explored the ruins of the castle. We went up into the keep and learnt about the kitchens and the great hall. We went into the gatehouse and had a close look at a tapestry that would have been hanging in the great hall. Finally the rain stopped and we had a quick explore of the Elizabethan gardens before getting on the coach to come home. We had a lovely day!

Pirate Invasion!

Wednesday 8th February

We had great fun on pirate day. First we went on a  treasure hunt around the school to look for clues. The clues were letters. We worked out the mystery word and then found Captain Andrews’ treasure (lots of chocolate coins!) We shared our loot fairly -as Captain Andrews runs a very fair ship!

Everyone knows that a good pirate needs to be able to make a treasure map. We enjoyed making our own treasure maps on some very old paper.

After lunch we played pirate games and ate delicious pirate cup cakes.

We all had an amazing day on board the Black Pearl with Captain Andrews and luckily nobody broke the pirate code and got thrown overboard!!

Pirates, pirates everywhere!

We have been busy learning about pirates. The children have enjoyed finding out about how pirates lived and jobs on board ship. They have applied to  Captain Andrews  for jobs on board ship and thought about particular skills and talents that they have that would make them great for the job. Some children loved the thought of being a carpenter, with its additional responsibility of having to cut  poorly or injured limbs off fellow pirates! Some children thought they would be quite happy to be a cabin boy or girl.

Children have also enjoyed investigating boats and exploring floating and sinking. They then imagined they were marooned on a desert island and designed a raft to escape the island with. 

In maths we have followed the pirate theme and found lots of 2d and 3d treasure on a desert island. The children have had fun sorting the shapes for Captain Andrews and can describe and name the shape treasure they found.

The children are very excited about our pirate day tomorrow. We are planning on using our map skills around school to find clues to find Captain Andrews’ treasure! Good luck pirates, the treasure is well hidden!

Please see below for our learning overview for Term 3.

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter January 2017


November 2016

October 2016

Year 2 have worked very hard this term on our Street Detectives topic. We have learnt lots about what Adderbury was like in the past and we enjoyed looking for clues on our street detective walk around Adderbury.




In maths we have been exploring place value and have practised addition and subtraction. We have become experts at showing our ideas with equipment and we can also draw what we are doing to help us to solve problems.

img_1767  img_1771  img_1788  img_1786

We are looking forward to next term when we will be finishing our Adderbury topic by creating a model village. We will also be carrying out a science investigation to discover which material will be the best to stop the church roof from leaking! (Don’t worry, it’s a fictional leak!)

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