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Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter Summer 2017-2018

March 2018

On Friday 9th March Year 2 went on a trip to Kenilworth Castle. We had great fun learning all about what life in a castle would have been like. We wrote some careful recounts of our trip.

February 2018 Shiver me timbers….the pirates are coming! Arrrhhhhh! 

We have had fun this term learning all about pirates. We have learnt about famous pirates and have done lots of writing, imagining what it would have been like to be marooned on a desert island. We also designed our own pirates and wrote exciting pirate adventures about our characters.

We worked well with our pirate crews to count up our booty. We thought about easy ways of counting up lots of money quickly.


On pirate day we had a treasure hunt around school to look for clues. We worked out the riddle and then shared out our hoard of treasure.

We played a fun team game to see which crew could make their pirate picture first. We also made our own treasure maps.

   We have had an amazing time being pirates this term. Thankfully nobody got thrown overboard or marooned on a desert island. We all arrived back at school safely just in time for our half term holiday!


November 2017 

We have had a very busy term so far. We started the year as ‘Street Detectives’ and we went on a walk around Adderbury. We looked for clues about the past to learn about what life used to be like in the village.


We created our own picture of Adderbury in the style of Karla Gerrard. We loved using bright colours and patterns to add details.














We then used our DT skills to create our own model village of Adderbury.

We carried out a science investigation to see which would be the most effective material to use as a temporary covering for the leaking church roof.

We really enjoyed learning all about what Adderbury was like in the past.

This term we have started a new topic ‘Superheroes’

We started our topic with a Superhero day where we practised skills that we would need to be a good superhero. We had great fun! We are now ready to save the world!

Can you tell what our super powers are?


Look out for further updates of our daring  adventures!




Dear parents, welcome to the new school year.

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