Our Staff List


Leadership Team
Head Teacher Phil Goldsworthy
Assistant Head Teacher Nadia Gosling
Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Leader

Special Needs Coordinator

Sandra Lushey


Administration Team
Office Manager

(and member of Leadership Team)

Donella Siviter
Receptionist Tina Andrews-Smith
FS2 Administrator Karen Judd


Premises Management
Caretaker position vacant at present


Class Teachers
FS2 / FS3 Paula Kinch
FS1 Clare Trivett  Christine Peacock
Year 1 Phil Goldsworthy
Year 2 Sarah Andrews
Year 3 Alison Driver

Nadia Gosling

Year 4 Sandra Lushey
Year 5 Tracy Ostler
Year 6 Alyson Avilez


Specialist Curriculum Teachers
ECC Teacher/Year 6 Maths Teacher Nadine Sambrook


Teaching Assistants
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Michele Street
Teaching Assistants Liz Calvert
Tracey Carr
Becky Cheesman
Kerry Davison
Jacqui Farrell
Melanie Gilbert
Tracey Hall
Sandra Lambden
Linda Leslie
Lyn Sharpe
Nurture Teaching Assistant Maggie Smith
FS2/3 Teaching Assistant Sarah Vaughan


Kitchen Staff
Nicky Broome
Naomi Gates
Nikki Gibbs


Lunchtime Supervisors
Lorraine Golding
Michelle Ryder
Pauline Gale
Susan Golby


High Flyers
Alison Brereton
Lorraine Golding
Sue Golby
Kirsten Handley
Michelle Ryder