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The 3 Bears.

The children designed and created houses for the 3 Bears. The children enjoyed making the different homes using a variety of materials.

Why do you love me so much?

This week in the Foundation Stage Unit we have been looking at the Traditional tale, The 3 Bears. We have been retelling the story through role play, sequencing pictures of the story and eating porridge.


The children were able to act out and share their knowledge of the tale. We have enjoyed being bears and eating the porridge.

Water Water everywhere!

This term we have enjoyed learning all about water. We started off by looking at freshwater habitats and animals. Our trip to Adderbury Lakes was very successful, we saw mallards, ducklings and moorhens on the water and a few lucky ones at the front saw a couple of basking grass snakes. The children produced some excellent reports about their visit which can be seen in the classroom along with some photographs of the trip. We have enjoyed finding out about sea water and the animals and birds that live in and on the sea.

We worked on acting out the story of Meg at Sea and everybody wrote their own version of it. We finished off our Watery Topic with a week of Pirate adventures dressing up, writing pirate CVs, sharing out the loot and buying pirate treasure.



Please see below for an outline of our learning through this term in school. If there is any more information you need to help support your child, please see me in school.

FS Curriculum Newsletter Term 5 2016-2017

FS1 have really enjoyed their food related topic. We have made pizzas and fruit smoothies and are currently watching some beans growing before our very eyes!


We have really enjoyed learning about Dragons and Reptiles this term. It has been a really interesting and motivating topic and has been inspiring some exciting creative work painting, collage, sculpture and dance.  We made salt dough lizards and decorated these and painted some really good lizards and camouflaged them in a collage background.

Our Dragon topic also linked in very well with Chinese New Year as part of our RE topic- learning about similarities and differences with other cultures and traditions- our dragon dance was very memorable. Our study of dragons linked well with Castles and the children created castles large and small.

The children have really enjoyed learning about reptiles in general and more specifically facts about lizards and snakes and have produced some really interesting FACT FILES. We also enjoyed creating riddles- seeing if our partners could guess the reptiles by reading our clues.

The highlight of the topic was our visit from Wild Creature Features. The children had some exciting encounters with Scarlett the Spiky Tailed Lizard, Bobby the Bearded Dragon Lizard, Speedy the Spur Thighed Tortoise and Tegan the Royal Python.




Please see below for our curriculum overview for Term 3.

FS Curriculum Newsletter January 2017


FS Curriculum Newsletter Topic Plan Jan 2017

What a fun term it’s been and still a week or so to go! A lot of our energy this term has gone into our Christmas nativity play and what a roaring success it was! We are very proud of the children’s efforts in learning their lines and singing beautifully. Here are some photos of the performance itself….

We hope you enjoyed watching us?!

p1080550 p1080557


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





Well, what a busy few weeks since half term! We have been busy writing, practising our phonics, working on numbers and shape and getting very active in PE – alongside lots of exploring. We have been celebrating some children’s efforts during their exploring time for really challenging themselves and “growing their brains!”

Look at Riley’s and Freddie’s amazing pencil rolls in PE – we can ALL do a successful pencil roll now!

imgp0229 imgp0238

We have been busy programming the Beebots – you have to give very clear  instructions.

imgp0218 imgp0219

Look at the 3D shapes we have been exploring. Can you remember what some of them are called?



Please see below for the curriculum letter for this term.


We have had a fantastic start to the school year in FS1. We have been very busy learning new skills, making friends and exploring. Here are a few photos of what we have been up to…


We looked closely at our faces and painted some self portraits. Can you tell who’s who?!



We learnt the story of “Peace at Last” by Jill Murphy and performed it in our sharing assembly – we hope you enjoyed it? We continued working on our painting skills by painting our own bears.

Next term we have lots to look forward to with our new topic Is it shiny? and working on the Christmas play!






Dear parents, welcome to the new school year.

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