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Love one another as I have loved you John 13: 34-35

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Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Mission Statement


At Christopher Rawlins CE Primary School we provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that enables our children to become confident, responsible and independent learners. Through our curriculum we aim to develop children’s caring, creative and critical thinking skills through an ethos of inquisitiveness, enquiry and enterprise with high quality relationships, caring attitudes and a sense of fairness.


In all our work, we strive to provide children with rich and rewarding learning experiences through our curriculum. We aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning and equip the children with the key knowledge, understanding, skills and personal qualities they will need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Our curriculum aims to provide our children with an education that:


Is based on Christian principles;

Will equip children for life and will help them understand the world in which they live;

Will treat all children as individuals, recognising their special talents, needs and abilities;

Will enable all children to reach the highest possible standards through the setting of targets and the monitoring of individual progress;

Will develop the all round character of children (moral, spiritual, cultural, physical and mental) so that values of responsibility, of self discipline and of caring are all encouraged.


In September 2014, a new National Curriculum was introduced in English schools; the first change since 2000. Expectations have changed in year groups throughout the school; a newly refined list of expected outcomes and skills has also been produced.


At Christopher Rawlins CE Primary School, we have worked together to respond to the expectations of the new curriculum. We have created cross curricular and inspirational theme overviews, linked to our Cornerstones Curriculum which will help the children to draw together all the strands of the national curriculum, make links with their everyday lives and interests and give them the best opportunities to learn and develop.


We deliver programmes of study that meet the National Curriculum requirements issued by the DfE. This National Curriculum comprises of:


English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), Computing, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and Religious Education;


The teaching of Religious Education is statutory in all schools. It is taught as a discrete subject following the Oxfordshire Diocesan Agreed Syllabus 2014.



At Christopher Rawlins Primary School we use the Letters and Sounds Scheme to teach Phonics.  If any information is needed to help support parents concerning this scheme, please contact your child’s class teacher.



Please access our curriculum policy by clicking on the link below

For more information about the curriculum that we offer children at Christopher Rawlins CE Primary School, please contact the school to organise an appointment to visit and meet with the Headteacher, Phil Goldsworthy.


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