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11th - 15th October 


14.10.21- 8.00pm

After a peaceful night we had breakfast and then got on with our final rotation of activities. Caving. gorge walking, paddleboarding and high ropes. We all got back after a full day and had a good dinner. Evening entertainment was a campfire, where we toasted marshmallows and made smores. Back for hot chocolate and bed. Final day tomrrow to pack and then enjoy some team building activities on site before heading home. 

A great time has been had by all. Children have faced new challenges and adventures and I have been impressed with their teamwork and care for each other. 

Mrs Ostler

14.10.21- 7.30pm

As I had promised, I visited the children at Longtown today. When I arrived, there was full on preparation taking place for the day ahead, getting the many items packed  ready that they needed! There was a lot of smiley faces and I enjoyed learning about their favourite activities so far and also all about the food! Three groups went off site shortly after I got there, and I stayed on site and saw a group having a great time with the paddle boards and another group face their fears on the high ropes and the zip wire. The children were all in fine spirits and had a great go at everything. It was lovely to spend some time with them. Mrs Ostler’s update will be on here shortly!

Mrs Smith

13.10.21 - 9.30pm 

We woke the children at 7.15 and after a hearty breakfast we began the days activities. Two groups were gorge walking, two caving and the final group onsite for paddle boarding and high ropes. Another dry day with glorious weather. The children returned from activities and all were starving after giving their all in the activities.  They all ate well today and then we were off to explore the local castle in the darkness and by torchlight. We then played a wide game and the children visited the shop then we had our hot chocolate. Off for an early night tonight. All quite tired after a really full and fun day. 

Mrs Ostler

12.10.21 - 10pm

We were all busy today with an action packed schedule and lots of new experiences. Two groups stayed on site and did stand up paddleboarding and tackled the high ropes course and the zip wire. Two groups went gorge walking and experienced some amazing waterfalls. There was a lot of scrambling and some cold water to negotiate. One group ventured into the caves and spent a day potholing.  Weather was glorious again. We had a good dinner and all the children ate well. Night time activities was team games in the courtyard followed by hot chocolate and hopefully a quiet night!

Mrs Ostler

12.10.21 - 7:30pm

Today has sounded very busy with children completing High Ropes, Paddle Boarding, Caving and Gorge Walking.

Fairly sure they didn't do all these things at the same time but we will await Mrs Ostler's update later to learn more!

11.10.21 - 10pm

We have arrived safe and sound in a sunny Longtown. After a quick picnic in the grounds we sorted out bedrooms and made our beds. We were then off into the Black Mountains. Half the group walked along a ridge called the Cats back whilst the other group climbed a peak called Darren. The views were spectacular and you could see all the way to Gloucester. After refuelling with a dinner of Sausage, Beans and Mash and Apple Crumble and custard for dessert we were off orienteering in the grounds in the dark. Hot chocolate and Seren's birthday cake finished off the day and the children prepared for bed.  

Mrs Ostler

11.10.21 - 7:45pm

This afternoon, after learning about the centre and expectations, they have all enjoyed a lovely mountain walk followed by  a tasty home cooked meal. Children have unpacked, settled into their rooms and all doing well.

They are currently enjoying some orienteering.

11.10.21 - 1.00pm

Year 5 & 6 have arrived at Longtown and are enjoying their lunch sat outside in the sunshine looking at the stunning view!

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